(ReReRe) Mobility
(Impact) -246 KG CO2 P/Y
(Date) 30.09.2022
(Author) Jennifer Nguyen
(Illustration) Georgina Henry

The transport sector is one of the most polluting sectors as of current. Every flight, every car ride can have detrimental consequences for the environment. Every step we make and everywhere we go can have an impact on the planet. Let’s choose to make a positive one.

Transportation plays a vital role in our society and the economy. Making it crucial for us to come up with a more efficient and sustainable transport system. 33% of all final energy in the European Union is being consumed by transportation methods. That means the transport sector is responsible for more than ¼ of the European Union’s total gas emissions, due to its usage of fossil fuels.

The consequences of the transport sector do not just stop at greenhouse gas emissions. It also causes air pollution as well as noise pollution, especially in densely populated areas. Air pollutants coming from transport vehicles can cause health impacts, building and material damages, crop losses and further impacts on biodiversity and the ecosystem.

As for noise pollution, it does not simply mean loud noises creating annoyance for the community. The adverse effects of traffic noise can be health problems. Persistent and constant noise pollution can lead to disturbance of sleep patterns which in turn affects the cognitive functioning of people. In the European Union, an estimated 245,000 people per year have suffered from cardiovascular diseases that can be linked back to the distress caused by traffic noises.

The transport sector continues to be one of the leading obstacles in dealing with the ramifications of climate change. The effects caused by this sector are particularly important for populated cities. As Amsterdam is a city that encounters mass tourism every year, its environmental impacts can become substantial. As members of society, we need to start using ecological alternatives now.

In 2020, the European Commission had initiated the European Green Deal which includes the transition towards low-carbon modes of transport and zero-emission vehicles into our daily lives.

We, as a team, do not want to worsen the condition of our beautiful city and the wellbeing of our planet. We want to go to the studio, events, meet clients, do everything and make an impact without it being detrimental to the environment. With the abundance of bicycles and green public transportations in the Netherlands, it does not take much to improve the environment. Our ecological footprint can be dramatically reduced simply by choosing a different mode of transport.

We know that vehicles emitting the most CO2 are planes, trucks and cars. Therefore, to commute to the studio, u-inc strives to be as green as possible by opting for low to zero emission vehicles. Evidently, since some of us have to commute farther distances, it is only natural that we use different modes of transport.

For team members who live in a different city, outside of Amsterdam, they would use public transportations. This option is more beneficial for the planet due to the Netherlands’ use of green and renewable energy for its public transportation. Trains and trams in this case, are a much better alternative than cars and buses who have to use fossil fuels.

In circumstances where we do have to use cars, we minimise our footprint by carpooling as much as possible and by using electric cars. The use of electric cars can reduce carbon emissions by more than 30% compared to petrol usage. You can compare the lifetime carbon emissions of different kinds of cars here.

Most of us have our own bicycles or choose to walk to work. That means zero emissions! Not only are these methods of transportation as green as it gets, it also benefits our own health. This is a habit that we choose to hold on to in our daily lives, in and outside of work.

Following the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we have been minimising our fossil fuel usage by making fewer trips with cars and by doing our work remotely. Since then to avoid travel altogether and continue to reduce our footprint, we host and attend even more meetings online. When we host client meetings at our studio, we encourage them to come with bicycles or low-emission vehicles. On occasions where we attend meetings or events to broaden our network and spread our impact, we still choose to use the same environmentally conscious travel methods.

By making these small changes ourselves, and encouraging our co-workers to also do so, we hope to be able to spread the initiatives to others as well. The goal is to create a ripple effect on our personal surroundings and inspire others to make the same green transition.

#rerere is our action program to rethink, repurpose and redesign our social and ecological footprint for the better. you can find all our #rereres here. We hope that it inspires you to take action. Because the only way to create a future that includes you plus new generations to come is when we all take action. #timeisup