Hello. We are u-inc. A radical impact studio based in Amsterdam. We team at the intersection of strategy, culture, and identity to (re)design brands as a force of good. Ambitious to inspire and accelerate a liveable future. For the now and next generations.

Brand strategy, culture and identity
Our work spans from strategic insight and stakeholder alignment to purpose and proposition frameworks. From culture and value assessments to internal branding and action programs. From identity design systems and toolkits to logotype, bespoke typography, visual language and tone of voice and messaging. Explore our projects to get an impression on how we can make a positive impact together.

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Brand as a force of good
The urgency for a more equal and sustainable world and the complexity for businesses to adapt and take the lead is growing at the speed of climate change. How can we take our responsibility? How can we regenerate our economic value? We see great opportunity for brands as a force of good. Using our Progress, People, Planet, Purpose Model as a holistic approach, that simplifies change and accelerates action. For the now and next generation. We are ready, set, impact. Are you?

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Team - u-inc

Radical impact studio
We are a team of thinkers, makers and doers. Like-minded and unique individuals who joined forces to design progress that unites people and respects our planet by principle. Together with partners, family and friends, we make waves to create a liveable future for all, plus generations to come. We are open to the world. We are open to you. Discover more about us and don’t be a stranger. Come as you are.

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Radical Impact, requires radical change. Radical change, requires radical action. With our action program Rethink, Repurpose, Redesign, we challenge everything we do. We ‘ReReRe’ the script and take action to change our social and ecological footprint for the better.

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    Ready to turn your brand into a force of good? Or just want to touch base with us? We are always open to meet new people and perspectives. Please share your contact details.