Radical impact, requires radical change. Radical change, requires radical action. With our ethos Rethink, Repurpose, Redesign, we challenge everything we do. We ‘ReReRe’ the script and take action to change our social and ecological footprint for the better.

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Server - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Server

(Impact) -103 KG CO2/year

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Mobility - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Mobility

(Impact) -246 KG CO2 P/Y

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Finance - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Finance

(Impact) -851 CO2/YEAR

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Recycle - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Recycle

(Impact) -591,3 KG CO2/year

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Interior - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Interior

(Impact) -1597,12 KG CO2

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Coffee - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Coffee

(Impact) -195,36 KG CO2/year

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Energy - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Energy

(Impact) -459 KG CO2/year

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Paper - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Paper

(Impact) -186 KG CO2/year

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Lunch - ReReRe - u-inc

(ReReRe) Lunch

(Impact) -6.250 KG CO2/year

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