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Please allow us to inform you why the time to work together is now.
If we don’t change our current economic, ecological, and social systems drastically to reduce our carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions within the next 8 years, we won’t have a liveable planet as we know it now by 2100.

Since 1971 the human population has more than doubled and so has our demand for the Earth’s resources. The extreme amount of carbon we emit by burning fossil fuels and deforestation is more than our planet can remove and has warmed up the Earth beyond its tolerance, causing catastrophic events to all species.

Inequality is increasing for more than 70% of the population, leading to growing divisions. This hinders economic and social development worldwide. In unequal societies, where there are large disparities in areas such as education and health(care), generations after generations remain in poverty.

Currently, we would need 1.75 planets to regenerate our mass consumption of ecological resources and the richest 1% of the entire world’s population is only getting richer.

We simply can’t wait around for governments to act or individual efforts. We need to act, now. Organisations, companies, and brands can be a force to accelerate and inspire positive change. To ensure long-term effects and impact, we have to be inclusive of each individual. Time’s up. We can only make the changes necessary for our planet when we all take action.

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