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Brand Strategy: Progress, People, Planet, Purpose

At u-inc we see brands as a vehicle to inspire and accelerate the changes that have become a brutal necessity, for any company or organization. Empowered by a universal purpose that:

(1/5) Gives direction (agile)
(2/5) Inspires action (change)
(3/5) Unites diversity (inclusive)
(4/5) Makes loyal (connecting)
(5/5) Transcends proposition (impact)

But what is a brand’s purpose and how can we discover and formulate it? Looking at the world today, we believe that brand purpose is identified by and must impact three core principles:

(1) Progress (how do we bring the world forward, what makes this unique?)
(2) People (what is our meaning in human lives, and how is that inclusive)?
(3) Planet (how do we impact Earth, and how can we positively amplify that?)

At the intersection of these P’s, we can explore and discover brand purpose. By incorporating the social and ecological impact in the purpose of a company or organization, we ensure that sustainability is not a department, function, or side project. It becomes the norm for everyone and everything within an organization and its environment.

This approach resulted in the 4P Model (4PM). A method and strategic framework to structurally make a positive impact on all Ps. Progress. People. Planet. Purpose. Now the starting point of everything we do.

(Ref) The 4PM is inspired by John Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line model, but we took a different approach to use the term profit. Profit derives from the Latin word profectus, meaning progress. But in day-to-day life, we see profit as a term of capitalism, where money is the only gain. We changed ‘Profit’ into ‘Progress’ to emphasise that it’s really about seeing how you can bring meaningful growth to our world.

Amongst the TBL Model, there are countless brand models and possibilities to shape and form your brand strategy. The 4PM differentiates itself by being understandable, accessible, and inclusive to everyone within an organisation and adding strategic value regardless of background, function, and knowledge.

Ready to turn your brand into a force of good? Explore our 4P Program to discover our view on brand culture and identity or touch base with Laurens Franssen (Co-founder/CD). Want to make a head start? Check our Impact Thought Starter.