Our purpose is to inspire and accelerate a liveable future for all, plus generations to come. We, therefore, believe it is important to support and sustain projects that contribute to social and ecological equality and growth. We do this by putting our knowledge, expertise, and network to their table. In this way, we give something back. And we help to increase the impact of these wonderful initiatives. Just as how you would support and live up to your family.

Thaki is a social impact non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political association founded in 2015. Thaki empowers refugee and vulnerable children to learn and thrive through self-paced, motivational electronic educational tools. These tools are their key to accessing 21st-century skills. Thaki operates on a donation model for second-hand electronic devices. They developed a platform that integrates a variety of informative, interactive, and educational content. They distribute the devices to education centers that work with refugee and vulnerable children and provide resources to support teachers and children in e-learning.

We are helping Thaki to optimise their brand to maximise their impact through a more diverse context. Sign up for our montlhy PreCap to stay connected to this project.


bBlyde foundation is founded by Lorette der Kinderen and Nynke Geus and is fully committed to SDG 10: reduce inequality. The first project has already started in Rwanda, in cooperation with local people. An empowerment hub will open there in early 2023. A program aimed at creating access to education, equality, and empowerment for local people. The foundation was born out of the need, in the spirit of the mission-driven PR agency, to get projects off the ground faster by smartly joining forces with the network. We supported Lorette and Nynke by collaborating on their strategy and identity.

More about the case here and check their website for more info.

Do you have an idea, project or did you already started an initiative that is making an impact for a fairer and more sustainable world? We are always open to explore how we can give our support. Feel free to contact us.