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Brand Identity: Form Follows Function

We live in a world where visual language is exchanged at lightning speed through physical and digital dimensions. This language is merely a translation of a larger entity. With designing identities, come opportunities to make an impact. Every design choice is fundamental to how it moves the world forward, its meaning to our lives, and its impact on Earth. Progress. People. Planet. Purpose.

This post (3/3) covers our view on brand identity.

At u-inc, we (re)design brand identities as a Flexible Design System (FDS). A dynamic structure that seamlessly expresses the brand through all digital and physical spaces, using our 4P Model as a starting point for exploration and strategic framework.

The system consists of 6 dimensions: Visual (1/6), Verbal (2/6), Sonic (3/6), Material (4/6), Interactive (5/6), and Motion (6/6). Within these dimensions, we make design choices that are determinative to a brand’s identity. But how do we make sure that our decisions do not only drive personal, studio, and/or trend aesthetics?

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy on the unity between form and function is called Form Follows Function. Meaning that the purpose is always a starting point of a design.

His philosophy is that all things in nature have a shape or form that tells us what they are and is what distinguishes them from others. The appearance should reflect its intrinsic function.

As we see the world today, design is no longer merely subject to its function, but also has responsibility for its social and ecological impact. This means that as designers, and this applies to our clients and partners as well, we need to take a step back and remove ourselves from the process. To follow design decisions that are being dictated through cultural and natural context.

Therefore, we design identities through the design principle: Form Follows Impact (FFI). Resulting in design systems that reflect the values and changes needed today to bring the world forward. Respecting social and ecological everything.

Ready to turn your brand into a force of good? Explore our 4P Program to discover our view on brand strategy and culture or touch base with Laurens Franssen (Co-founder/CD). Want to make a head start? Check our Impact Thought Starter.