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Brand Culture: Rituals Over Rules

We live in a transformative decade of taking action. A strategy can’t simply revolve around commercial interest. The way you move the world forward (Progress), the meaning it has to our lives (People), and the impact it has on our earth (Planet) are fundamental. To implement a strategy successfully, it must resonate fully with the people who need to engage with it. This is achieved through a strong brand culture.

Brand culture consists of shared values and beliefs that form behavioral patterns within an organization. It makes it authentic and the most differentiating component in a world where products and services are becoming increasingly similar. Awareness and transparency around a brand’s mission will result in higher employee satisfaction, performance, and engagement. It attracts like-minded people and new talent and prioritizes a future-forward work environment.

We need to radically rethink how organizations operate. Time is running out. Our world is continuously facing economic, social, and ecological challenges and brands need to be flexible to adapt to these unpredictabilities more than ever before. Companies can’t rely on old-fashioned hierarchical systems designed for 10+ year plans anymore when right now we’re not sure of what could happen tomorrow.

The power lies in building a strong culture of responsibility and ownership by uniting people through a higher purpose. A purpose that is founded on future-defining principles and inspires people to take action.

When the principles and purpose of a brand are woven naturally and more organically within the stakeholders, it anchors in behavioral patterns through the rituals, habits, and ceremonies. In this case, when the brand faces unpredictabilities or tough decisions, all can anticipate having the same purpose in mind.

Therefore, we don’t believe that a culture shaped by rules will inspire and accelerate a viable future. But that it must do so more organically. Rituals over Rules.

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